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EP 1: The ‘F’ Word – Navigating Friendships

EP 1: The ‘F’ Word – Navigating Friendships


Friendships are an important, but not often discussed, relationship in our lives. In this first episode of the Unbecoming Conversations Podcast, we are beginning the first of regular discussions about friendship.

Friendship is shared experiences with safe people.

~Irene Collins

In this episode, we will discuss

  • What’s been awesome and awkward this week
  • Experiences and situations that helped shape my philosophy and approach to friendships
  • What makes friendship “hard”
  • Levels of friendship
  • 3 ways to distinguish where people fall in friendship levels
  • 5 questions/scenarios to reflect on regarding how you and friends react and respond


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There are some really great podcast episodes that I listened to as inspiration for this episode, you can check them out here!

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Leave your thoughts, experiences, and/or questions about friendship below!

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