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Ep 4: The Rhythm of Friendships with Kendra

Ep 4: The Rhythm of Friendships with Kendra


No this is not a replay or repeat. Today we talk with another great friend of mine–whose name is also Kendra! I’m so excited to take you inside of a few of my friendships. I wanted to do this to maybe give you a perspective on your friendships or to give you inspiration and hope about making wholesome friendships even as an adult. This episode is transparent, yet funny (at least to us lol)…

In this episode, I talk to my good friend Kendra, where we discuss:

  • How we met
  • The story of Kendra asking for us to be friends
  • The evolution of our friendship
  • The rhythm of friendship
  • How we maintain 20+ year friendship despite NEVER living in same city
  • Navigating being at different seasons and points in our lives
  • Her passion project, Financial BFFs

Follow Kendra’s financial literacy and accountability IG page Financial BFFs

If you’re interested in completing my quick (anonymous) survey on your experiences making friends as and with entrepreneurs and public figures (inspired by this IG Reel), you can do so here.

My friendship With Kendra

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